Gallery outing

I finally shuffled my little self into the metropolis, yesterday, to see The European Masters. It was brilliant, so many influentional and truly stunning works; I'm bursting awe and with inspiration!

This Sisley was the stand out for me:

The notes in my journal read "... movement; tension b/n amount & directions of = pulling but gentle; amazing paint tech ; shits all over the Courbet & Monet either side." I think that sums it up nicely.

I could of course post a commentary of nearly the whole show, but I'll spare you :-)
One thing I found interesting, besides the actual artworks that is, was the paraphenalia accompanying them. I was quite absorbed in all the souvenirs and the choice of images used to represent the show. Everything from the usual postcards & bookmarks to fridge magnet sets, cups, coasters, even the trays to serve your tea on. The badges were particularly novel. Marketing hard at work!