Flowering Shows

It just goes to show, I am a weaver at heart. Anytime I see multiples of anything, I start seeing patterns and potential. That would explain why I still have brimming boxes labelled "Dried Magnolia Stamens; 2009" and "Banksia leaves; 2010" stashed away in my Mum's garage (please don't tell her)! This was a pile of leftover passes from the Melbourne International Flower Show. I couldn't help myself with the wacky, Pop art paper weaving. This one also goes up in honor of the fact that I've thoroughly enjoyed all the coverage from the Chelsea Flower show this year. Go BBC specials every night of the week, for the duration! I am so inspired, now I just need to find a garden and a wealth of funds so that all I have to do for the rest of my life is create the most magical garden the world has ever seen. Hmmm