A guest and a florist

That was me, last week. There is nothing nicer than getting to be the florist for the wedding of one of your oldest friends :-) It is twice as stressful being both guest and florist but totally worth every minute! The BF was a gem. He progressed through the floristry ranks at lightening speed; from lackey, to apprentice, to initiate, to master florist in the space of about an hour. He did pass comment in the last moments of the set up, as he swept floors, emptied buckets and lugged stuff, that perhaps he had been demoted again? Nope, that's just being a florist, my dear. Anyway, the bride looked gorgeous, naturally; and an Autumn wedding in the Macedon Ranges is always a good idea, I say. The band was great and we had a ball. Thank you to all those who boosted my confidence with their generous praise; maybe me & the side-kick will do it again sometime soon?