New leaves

Has anyone else noticed that 2012 is a year of rapid and epic change? I can't speak for the global situation, in fact I try not to get caught up in that crap (!) but my little world just keeps rocking itself and that's not necessarily a bad thing. I almost can't keep up with all the new ideas and epiphanies! I am also not going to try and detail them all here but I better get you up to speed.

Remember back here, when I started to realise that, just maybe, my dream of running a bio-dynamic flower farm wasn't so kooky after all? Well that kinda snow-balled. A & I have decided that we can totally do it ... just not quite yet. That's the medium - long term plan and the short term plan has kinda just filled itself in. While we can't really go anywhere for at least a year and a half, we do in the meantime have access to two urban plots (backyards that is). So the bulb and seed delivery is on it's way! Of course, this means I've just created a whole pile of work for myself, and Mother's Day is coming up (i.e. florists' peak time) but I couldn't be happier.

The aim for now, is to practice, to try things out, to get a name happening and start to educate people about what it is we're trying to do. With this set up, we are probably not ready to start selling cut flowers on a regular basis, we can't produce the volumes. But the garden will be able to supply my events work and most excitingly, I can run workshops! People can come and learn a sustainable approach to cut flowers. We can cut from the garden and practise arranging!

So that's my news.

Now who's ready to get their hands dirty?