The first clods are turned

Wow, I took this picture less than a week ago and already the bed has expanded and the first batch of bulbs is down! Oh, and the sweet-peas. The whole right hand fence is bordered by them and I'm looking at ways to move those giant planter boxes so that I can plant more. I've gone with two varieties from Eden Seeds, an early flowerer and one that makes super big blooms :-) They're tucked in with some mulch for a blanket and wire netting as a "mosquito net" or in this case rat net. Yep, that's right, the mice and rats love the taste of little sweet pea seeds and shoots. I learning a lot through others' experience - in this case Mel, she lost nearly all her sweet-peas to the little mites last year.

I've also been propagating and transplanting - proper big gardener me! I've got some helleborus babies from Mum's place - she's got fields of them the lucky thing. But I am also waiting to receive a few pretties from Diggers at the end of the month.

Gosh, here I am babbling plants at you and I haven't given you the other update. What did I say about life changing at super high speed??? Two weeks ago, I was talking two urban plots - mine and the boyfriend's. That's changed, we're down to one now - ours. That is, he's probably going to move in here. Which is awesome, but I had already kinda ordered a bucket load of seeds and baby plants.

So this has pushed me to try out an idea that I have had many times before. Create a network of people locally, who have space in their yards to "foster" plants. I provide the plants, the organic fertilizer and any other practical support and in return, I have "picking rights" to the plants when they flower. The idea is not to demolish these plants but to harvest sustainably and teach others how to do the same. I haven't approached anybody just yet but I am hoping it just might work. My brain is bursting with many more possibilities but I'll hold back until after Mother's Day to look into any of it.

I keep getting way ahead of myself and I just keep having to remind myself, it's one step at a time. Right now, the next step is head down, bum up - get through Mother's Day.