Little worlds get rocked too.

Funny (not haha) how only a day or two after my last little rant about keeping my world small but happy, something from "the outside" rocks it. If you're a Melbourne reader, then you know what I am talking about. If your not, well then, you don't need details, you just need to know that sadly, sometimes people do bad things.

I'm really good at avoiding all those disturbing stories from the big bad world and I'm happy with that. One day I might get tough and strong enough that I can handle them but for now, conscious avoidance is the game and, mostly, it works.

Not now, my little world is shaking.

The sky outside is grey and sad.

My playlist draws the picture perfectly.

Bright Eyes  "Poison Oak".

And Difranco  "Studying Stones".

Johnny Cash  "I see a darkness".

ps. the writer promises to attempt a jolly post soon