Blank canvas

 A big reason for my visit to the Island this time round, has been the wedding of a good childhood friend. When I was last here Faye begged me to come back and do the flowers for her wedding; so I did. How could I say no? She was marrying in this tiny 800 year old church (above). I have many fond memories of attending Harvest Festival services with my Nana at old St Runius; perched on the skinny pews, surrounded by candles and watching the organist get up a swing as he pumped the pedals. There's no electricity, you know.

Fair Island of the Fey

Here I am, back on my beloved Island once more. It is so novel to be here at this time of year, Spring. Everything is so lush and green, but then we are quite near that slightly better known Emerald Isle! In ages past the Irish held the Isle of Man to be a place of significant mystical importance. They knew what I know, that the Little People love this place.