Thinking, I do lots of it. I'm sure you do too. 
I've been thinking lately; how much is too much thinking? There are different types of thinking; how many can you think of, etc. etc. 
Actually, I have been pondering, that is thinking, without being particularly attached to those thoughts. Mostly I ponder possibilities: what if ..? and maybe one day ..? or what about if tomorrow I ...?  etc. etc.
In my current state of in-between-ness, I have plenty of time for such musings. And I am starting to get that exciting, tingling feeling that soon the pondering will be over and things are actually going to start happening ...
In the meantime, I'm just being, trying to ponder rather than think. I'm visiting friends and playing with paint, just because I can. I start writing things but don't finish them because I'm not in that spot right now. I'm taking in information and letting it slowly catalogue itself. 
A dear friend of mine sent me this program to the 2011 Stroud Textile Festival's "Textile Trail" and I have been drooling with jealousy over the images of hand-weavers set  up in their cute little Costwald studios; weaving away. 
Patience, Lindsey, patience ... hmmm, ponder ...

The brushes are out

Well, I did get the paintbrushes out but I still haven't got very far; nor bothered taking pictures. So here's a half done something that I left at home. I wish I was one of those people who gets whole heartedly consummed by creativity and doesn't leave their room until a masterpiece is complete. I am not however, I tend more towards the "doing a hundred things at once and while being constantly distracted by more possibilities" type. Oooh, what's that over there? ...

Flowering Shows

It just goes to show, I am a weaver at heart. Anytime I see multiples of anything, I start seeing patterns and potential. That would explain why I still have brimming boxes labelled "Dried Magnolia Stamens; 2009" and "Banksia leaves; 2010" stashed away in my Mum's garage (please don't tell her)! This was a pile of leftover passes from the Melbourne International Flower Show. I couldn't help myself with the wacky, Pop art paper weaving. This one also goes up in honor of the fact that I've thoroughly enjoyed all the coverage from the Chelsea Flower show this year. Go BBC specials every night of the week, for the duration! I am so inspired, now I just need to find a garden and a wealth of funds so that all I have to do for the rest of my life is create the most magical garden the world has ever seen. Hmmm

Dinner Parties

Went to Jo & Dave’s for dinner the other night, Penny came too and we feasted on wholesome salad-y-ness. The evening involved much admiration of other’s creative projects: Jo’s currently going terrarium crazy. Dave’s been origami possessed for some time now, judging by the house’s decor and Penny, well, she’s got new ink. I really respect a lady who has the balls to get her own awesome illustrations permanently tattooed to her body; so cool Pen! Oh and let us not forget the other triumph of the evening ... Dave’s sago pudding with mango puree: orgasmic.

Currently sorting through millions of photos from recent adventures. Stay posted for some long needed, errr, posts!