I made these ...

I made myself a new t-shirt because I can't find a good one in the op shop! I also made this skirt out of an old "mu-mu" dress that I cut up ages ago, in the same day I also fixed 2 tops and almost finished a new pair of culottes ... then discovered that I had made them about 4 inches too big; so they're not quite done yet!

Textiley terrificness

One's birthday ought to last at least a month, don't you think? Apparently my loved ones think so; how lucky for me! My Mum arrived back from the UK with her very heavy luggage loaded with presents and no, they weren't all for me. There were a fair number for her good self, some for my (now 25 year old) sister and a couple for me. This amazingly inspirational book was a birthday present from my Nana.

Nature + thread + pattern + stitches+ colour + photography + fiber = Winning Combination.
Thank you Nana.


Every year I think to myself "I'm not going to have much of a birthday." You must understand, this is not said in a mopey depressive tone, just in a slightly apathetic one. Yet, every year, without fail, I am completely astounded by the oodles and oodles of love showered upon me in celebration of my own little anniversary. It ever comes as a complete surprise that I have so many beautiful and caring friends around me. This year their appreciation of everything Lindsey was displayed in the form of their many and varied gifts.
Pyjamas and slippers, notebooks and yarn, silver tea-scoops and embroidered brooches, snuggly mohair jumpers and home-made body scrubs ... the list continues; and so does my gratitude.