Our Flower Farm produces true to type, heirloom blooms in an organic, open air setting. Founded on the principles of permaculture and rooted in a true passion for flora,  this small-scale farm provides a positive and sustainable approach to cut flowers. 

Established in 2012 as The Urban Flower Farm, in a backyard in Melbourne's northern suburbs, our little flower farm was the first of it's kind in Victoria. We have been featured on Gardening Australia, in The Weekly Times and across a wide range of digital and print medias.

We are motivated by three key ambitions on the farm: to produce a more environmentally sustainable product, to raise awareness and educate about the processes of the floral industry and lastly, a personal desire to create beauty and lots of it!

We specialise in pure old fashioned goodness. Heirloom varieties are always preferred, companion planting is standard practise and no genetically modified seed or bulb stock is purchased.  We believe that this makes for happier, stronger plants. Colours are more vibrant, fragrances are stronger and the cut flower lasts longer.

2017 will see our flower farm move once more to a larger, permanent home. 

During this period, we are not taking on any additional flower sales. Thank You.

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