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image  { jess nicholls }

My name is Lindsey.

I am an artist, a florist, a writer and a flower grower...

and I am stumbling upon wonder everyday.

Enchantment and fascination in the natural world infuses my work and stimulates my enthusiasm for botanical culture.

The process of creating dreamscapes out of flowers is an instinctive expression of my passion for colour and attraction to texture. Having worked in the floral industry for over ten years now, in both retail and events, locally and abroad; I am confident to offer an inspired, informed and original approach to all things floral.

In 2012, motivated by a desire to provide a positive alternative in the cut flower industry, I started my own small-scale, organic flower farm. All Lindsey Myra flowers are sold direct to the elite of Melbourne's floral design community. We do not retail cut flowers to the public at this time.

What I Do

I grow beautiful, unique and unusual flowers. I use them in my own work and I sell them both to the public and others in the industry.

As a designer, I am available to lovingly and thoughtfully create botanical arrangements, installations and styling for weddings, events, private functions and photo-shoots.

At this point in time, my work is generally comprised of a combination of home-grown flowers, foraged botanicals and consciously selected purchased product. I adhere to strict ethical policies in regards to the flowers I choose to work with, please read more below. 


Lindsey Myra is passionate about promoting a well-balanced, informed and honest view of the cut flower industry. 

In keeping with the environmentally sustainable aims of her little flower patch, Lindsey Myra has made the following commitments to:

  • promote the use of local, seasonal and sustainably farmed botanics
  • not use imported flowers
  • not use non-biodegradable products {such as florists' foam}
  • not use chemical additives, preservatives, sprays or cleaners on flowers, vessels or in the workshop and office
  • minimise the purchase of stock that may have been subjected to insecticides and pesticides
  • compost all possible green waste
  • promote the use of recycled products for vessels

For more about the organic flower farm, please see our Flower Farm page

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