That's life

Once upon a time the was a girl who had a strange creature as her friend. This creature was a bloggywog, a shy little being who liked, generally, to come out at night. She was one of those "introverted extroverts" this little bloggywog and for all her coyness she rather liked the limelight; liked to show off now and then. You know the type. 
This little bloggywog lived on the pictures, words and pretties that the girl fed her. The two lived together happily for many months before, bit by bit, the little bloggywog saw less and less of her mistress. She wasted away as her mistress continued to forget to feed her. She pined for the times they used to spend together, she became quieter and quieter. When others prodded her, she refused to dance for them as she once had; she was starved and lonely. 
The bloggywog knew her mistress loved her, really, but she could not live on all the apologies her mistress kept tossing her as she ran about her seemingly busy life.Until one day the girl turned to her little bloggywog and said "Come on little one, I'm going on holiday and you're going to come with me." The little bloggywog was so happy, her mistress was going to take her on a holiday. They would get to spend so much time together, ooh, how lovely! The little bloggywog did a bloggywobbly dance of happiness. 
And so the girl and her now very happy bloggywog got on a plane and flew to the otherside of the world. The girl hugged her little bloggywog and said "I'm sorry dear B.W. I promise I won't forget to feed you again. Here, would you like some cake?"